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Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE) is delighted to present a suite of unique on-line virtual sessions over the next 5 months which will inspire, explore and challenge attendees to embrace Digital Transformation. Our keynote presentations will openly discuss the challenges and achievements experienced in adopting a customer centric approach to innovation, digitisation and Global performance. Directly engage with multinational organisations who will highlight the roadmap they chose while exploring practical digital tools and techniques to create a sustainable and resilient business environment.

ICBE will host these three virtual sessions as a pipeline towards our National Conference on Digital Productivity taking place on the 10th & 11thMarch 2021. The three virtual sessions will bring attendees on a digital journey, culminating on 10th & 11thMarch with an event purposely designed to develop improved thinking and digital collaboration across the organisational structure.

Session 1| Winning in a Digital Age “Strategy” | Sept 24th 3pm GMT

Session 2 | Capabilities |  November 26th 3pm GMT

Session 3 | Big Data  | January 28th 3pm GMT

National Conference on Digital Productivity | 10th & 11thMarch 2021

To register for the free to attend virtual sessions please click here, where you can also register for the conference in 2021.

September 24th 3pm (GMT) Session 1 - Winning in a Digital Age "Strategy" 

Facilitator: Anton Savage
Presenter: Richard Seroter - Director - Google Cloud
Learning Outcomes:-

  • Definition of what does digital mean
  • Transformation Models to launch, scale and sustain
  • What does success look like?
  • The Digital Culture

Presenter: Sean O'Reilly - EMEA VP of Logistics - Dell Technologies
Case Study: Dell Technologies "Lessons from the road"

November 26th 3pm (GMT) Session 2 - Capabilities (Further info)

Facilitator: Anton Savage
Presenter: Gaurav Patel -Senior Software Engineering Manager - General Motors
Learning Outcomes:-

  • Emphasis on;
    • Agile Culture
    • Customer Centricity
    • Collaboration
  • Digital Talent - Continuous Learning
  • Technology Modernization

Presenter: Gerry Murphy - Senior Program Manager - VMware
Case Study: VMware - Digital Talent

January 28th 3pm (GMT) Session 3 - Big Data (Further info)

Facilitator: Anton Savage
Presenter: Johnson & Johnson - TBA

Learning Outcomes:-

  • Highlight the role Big Data plays to ensure a successful digital transformation journey

Presenter: Gráinne Barry - MD - Stats Perform
Case Study: Creating new business models

Digital Productivity Summit 2021

March 10th & 11th 2021

The Digital Productivity Summit 2021 will bring together developmental thinking from industry and business to openly discuss the challenges and benefits of Digital Transformation!

Our keynote speakers will share their experiences of utilising cloud computing, app development and agile thinking to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, automating workflows and continuously monitoring application performance.

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