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Business Solutions magazine has established itself as a valuable source of news and information for senior management within business in Ireland. Over 6,000 key decision makers within both the public and private sector rely on Business Solutions to provide them with the latest trends and technologies, outsourcing options, design & build, managed services and data centre or large computer room management. Business Solutions informs IT Directors, MD’s and CEO’s up to date with all the important changes, challenges and developments within cloud computing, managed services and data centre’s within Ireland.

Business Solutions magazine is an editorially independent publication written by an editorial team with years of experience in this sector. The publication is written by acknowledged experts in their fields and provides IT Directors, MD’s & CEO’s with an insight into the latest technologies and services available within:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Managed Services
  • Data Centre’s (Colocation)
  • Small 2 Medium Server Rooms

For further details please visit: www.businesssolutionshub.com


Crystal Lean Solutions

With many organisations now transforming their business models through the application of digital technologies, Crystal Lean Solutions provide a unique expertise to fuel growth and improve competitiveness. We offer clients a blended Digital Lean approach in the management of their business, with particular focus on:

  • Improving productivity through global collaborative virtual problem-solving tools
  • Delivering projects to meet key milestones (Capital, Strategic & Continuous Improvement Projects) using bespoke Lean Digital Technology CoPlan Software
  • Management of business processes through the application of the SCRUM process
  • Virtual management of your daily accountability process

For over a decade, the Crystal Lean Solutions team has supported clients across industries including Technology, Software Development, Pharmaceutical, Construction and Medical Devices within Ireland, the UK and Europe. We also provide tailored Lean solutions including Strategy Deployment, Organisation Design, Strategy Execution, Leadership Coaching, Mentoring and Lean Training to enable your organisation to deliver and sustain business improvements. We are approved with Enterprise Ireland, IDA, several Skillnets and Commended by Lean Construction Ireland.

Our consultants have experience in both business managerial and technical role across a variety of sectors. Whatever the “How To” requirements, our consultants will constructively mentor and/ or coach you “to do” the best your business can provide.

Our team are passionate about our vision of “Delivering Excellence Together” in all aspects of our business processes and relationships and look forward to supporting you and your business in the future.

For more information, quote or advice don’t hesitate to contact Clodagh







In today's real economy every business must make decisions faster, doing more with less resources. At the same time, knowing that what worked in the past may not work in the future.

Entellexi brings prediction to enterprise performance management. Our solutions show you, with proven reliability, what your performance outcomes will be before you commit to a decision. Our optimisation technologies ensure that your performance will be the best that it can be given your current set of resources. We model your risks.

Our planning solutions ensure that every person, machine and material is working to make the most revenue for your company.

As a result, you can maximise business profitability, manage risk, and optimise your people, processes and resources. To get more information please either email info@entellexi.com or call +353 (0)61 503104


Environment & Energy Management

Ireland’s leading publication dedicated to every aspect of environmental management and energy efficiency at industrial, commercial and municipal levels.

For over 11 years Environment & Energy Management has provided it’s growing readership (now 12,000) with analysis and insight into the latest technologies and services available within Ireland, while our editorial team focus heavily on investment, business profiles and the future of the energy sector in this country.

As a publication written by acknowledged experts in their fields, Environment & Energy Management is disseminated to a controlled and targeted readership of over 12,000 key decision makers in Central & Local Government, the Professional/Services Sector (including Environmental Consultants, Engineers, Laboratories, all Third Level and other training/research Organisations, the Legal Profession and Agencies specialising in environmental protection and energy efficiency) – and, with particular attention to Small & Medium Enterprises, all sectors of Irish industry as follows: Food & Beverage; Pharmaceutical; Chemical; Medical; Electronics; Plastics; Packaging; Motor & Transport; Finance & Insurance; Textiles; Agriculture and Tourism.


Expertivity Technologies

Expertivity Technologies provides the expertise required to help organisations rewire for execution, adaptiveness and speed. While digital technologies are shaping our modern societies and economies, many organisations are struggling to adapt to the tsunami of change inherent in the emerging digital world. The technologies of “advanced management practices” are often ignored in the rush to adopt the new digital technologies whereas, they are the cornerstone of the organisational transformation required to successfully harness them.

Expertivity Technologies provides expertise in both Digital and Management Technologies, the combination of which underpin the modern, high performance and agile organisation. In today’s digital economies, organisations need to develop world-class expertise in both.

Agile Business Execution is the application of both technologies to continuously reconfigure strategies, structures, processes, people, and technologies towards value-creating and value-protecting goals. It is the single most important capability required by organisations who want to survive and thrive in the emerging digital world.

Service and knowledge work organisations are particularly challenged by the change tsunami sweeping society and the modern workforce is seeking organisations and management that empower and enable rather than command and control. To succeed, modern organisations must build a foundation of operational robustness, resilience and agility if they are to retain their workforce’s trust and commitment while exploiting the opportunities emerging in the changing digital environment.

For over 15 years, our master practitioners have been the leading providers of Agile Business Execution expertise including Lean Enterprise Excellence and Digital-Readiness to the service and knowledge work sectors including Financial Services, Global Business Services, Healthcare, Public Sector, Utilities, and Information Technology. In doing so we have helped organisations from SME’s to Multinationals develop resilience in the face of emerging technologies, market volatility, changing regulatory environments and increasing customer demands.

During that time, we have developed a proven suite of proprietary tools and methodologies that help build and sustain the enhanced skills and capabilities required to deliver the superior organisational fitness that underpins long term competitive advantage. These include our Agile Business Execution Canvas®, our Service Operations Fundamentals Program and our Integrated Lean Management System, ServiceForce.  Since its launch in 2010, ServiceForce  has been powering the execution of service and knowledge work organisations, both large and small.

As an approved service provider for the Lean Business offers from both Enterprise Ireland and the IDA, we have been delivering major performance gains to clients across the service and knowledge work sectors.



Our mission is to connect manufacturing teams with the information they need to make life just that little bit easier.

Our vision is a future where frontline management and technical teams have all of the information that they need at their fingertips. No paper, no complex spreadsheets, no whiteboards. Everything is available wherever it’s needed, either on the production floor or remotely on any device.

We are passionate about continuous improvement and about making life easier for our customers through technology.

KT-Pulse helps manage manufacturing operations and is adaptable for any assembly, inspection or packaging process operated by people, even yours. So why not join us?



Since 2002, LBS Partners has been working with companies to help them make that shift from good to great. Providing the capabilities, training and systems they need to unlock Better in their environment – creating an efficient, successful and more profitable business

We can do this for you too. Using Lean methodologies and industry best practices, and by sharing our collective experience – we’ll partner with you on the road to Better. We’ll use our proven LBS framework to develop process and people solutions specifically designed around your unique challenges. Using our hands-on, data-based and results-driven approach, we’ll work alongside you to guide you through each step of the process – to meet and exceed every goal. And most importantly, we’ll make sure the improvements we unlock are sustainable – continuing and growing beyond our involvement with you.

We’re here to help you start your journey to find your Better business – let’s talk today.


Lean Construction Ireland

WHO WE ARE… Lean Construction Ireland is an all-island, independent, and voluntary not-for-profit association whose members passionately believe that Lean Thinking & Practices can enable and sustain enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and profitability for the Irish Construction Sector, Clients, and Supply Chain.

WHAT WE DO… Lean Construction Ireland leads a community of learning and practice that promotes the application of Lean Thinking & Practices throughout the Irish Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) sector so as to realise value-add for all stakeholders in the value chain. It supports the free and open exchange of knowledge, information, and experiences around good practices and case studies. It also supports ongoing research into Lean practices nationally and globally, their application to AEC, and their sharing with the wider Lean Construction Ireland Community. It is aligned to LCI USA.

CORE VALUES… Collaboration. Leadership. Teamwork. Commitment. Knowledge. Innovation. Integrity.


OEEsystems International

OEEsystems International are THE OEE PEOPLE. We work with the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies like Keelings, C&C Group, GE Healthcare, Abbott, Xerox & Cork Plastics, to increase capacity, reduce costs and drive continuous improvement. Our exceptional record of combining our Smart Factory software and our Science of Manufacturing methodology delivers powerful visualisation, analysis and real-time control of your manufacturing processes.

Visit our stand for a short exploratory conversation and software demo.


Softworks Workforce Management Solutions

For 30 years, Softworks has been providing Workforce Management software solutions that enable organisations to automate areas including; managing employee time & attendance, scheduling/rostering, training, flexible & remote working, HR, holiday & absence management. We assist organisations to manage the working day in a way that makes them more productive and profitable by adding value to their operations. We help businesses to drive efficiencies, cut costs optimise scheduling, ensure compliance and improve reporting – all while promoting a safe and positive working environment for all employees. Softworks solutions are used by a diverse range of organisations across all industries. Our extensive experience and track record have enabled us to create award-winning solutions, designed with our customers’ needs in mind.


SQT Training

For 30 years we’ve brought the latest thinking, the leading techniques and the most accomplished industry trainers into ambitious organisations, large and small, throughout Ireland, the UK & beyond.

We are a specialist provider of bespoke training programmes that help organisations become leaner, more compliant and more progressive. We empower people with the capability to help their organisations reach the highest standards, maintain compliance & drive efficiency. Our programmes are renowned for their dynamic, practical, real world approach and are built on a foundation of theory & practice that works. One of the biggest challenges for learners is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace; to put the theory into practice. We all learn best by doing, so putting theory into practice is an integral element of our courses.

We believe, in this field, the best people to learn from are seasoned industry experts, not just academics. People who have worked at the coal face, who can draw on their experiences & share real world insights, stories & techniques.

Our programmes are proven to empower people with the capability to shape stronger, smarter organisations.


The Sempre Group Ltd

Your Strategic Partners in Quality, Automation, Innovation & Efficiency
We provide and support automated metrology solutions, integrated software and systems, along with shop floor efficiency equipment to manufacturing industries.
Our trusted partnerships with customers and suppliers enable us to find appropriate solutions for complex challenges faced throughout manufacturing; resolving bottlenecks, reducing errors and creating efficient environments, whilst demonstrating standards compliance.
We have 5 divisions industrial metrology, industrial software, measuring instruments, engineering services and lean enterprise.


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